Do you feel that your archive could potentially generate revenue? Perhaps you feel that members of the public would pay to download images of your content? Or that your content lends itself nicely to researchers who may wish to pay a subscription or annual fee to access it?

If you have limited capital or budget to start a digitisation project, and if you can prove that there would be sufficient interest in your digital archive from members of the public to generate a reasonable amount of ongoing revenue, then Townsweb Archiving Ltd will be happy to have a discussion with you regarding our partnership arrangements.

A typical partnership arrangement would mean that we will digitise, index and transcribe your material and also provide the pastview system and website, at a reduced rate in exchange for a share of ongoing revenues. In exceptional circumstances, where it can be shown that there is strong National and International interest in your collection and it has a proven track record of generating revenue, we will consider undertaking the entire project and ongoing fees without cost and in return for a larger percentage of potential ongoing revenue.


Further Information About PastView:

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