We are immensely proud of our in-built content management system (CMS) for controlling how your pastview content is delivered to your Public Website.

With the touch of a button, you can publish an entire collection of images and files to your website. Similarly you can hide collections or individual items from the website, perhaps whilst you and your volunteers are busy adding meta-data to the content or whilst you are seeking copyright
clearance for the collection.

You can also control how an item should be displayed within the CMS. For example, if an item is part of a photographic archive then you will most likely want to display each photograph individually along with different metadata for each photograph. However, if the item is part of a collection
of images such as pages from a book, then you will most likely want to group the items together and view them in sequence (page 1, page 2, page 3 etc.) and with the metadata applying to the entire collection of items. Again, this is achieved by simply clicking a button within pastview which
will control how the collection is to be displayed and grouped on the main website.

Further features include the ability to define which attributes are to be included within ‘keyword’ and ‘advanced’ searches, and also the ability to order and re-order the attributes so as to control their position next to each item on the website.

Our advanced CMS even allows you to easily update the content of each page within your website, such as the About Us page, the Contact page, Ordering Page etc. You can even link to external websites and also add completely new pages to your site using a simple ‘Word Processor’
style interface (no knowledge of HTML required!).


Further Information About PastView:

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