The items within your collection may encompass all manner of material such as photographs, newspapers, journals, registers, manuscripts, posters and plans. Once your items have been digitised, you can upload the files in to one or more categories within pastview.
(Please remember that we can offer you an onsite and offsite digitisation service).

With pastview’s advanced database management features you are able to define any number of attribute fields and group them together in to distinct sets of data and assign them to your digital files. For example you may decide that every file or image should contain a reference code,
title and description, however it may be important that your photographic collection also records the photographers name, the date of capture and the gps location of the scene, whereas for your newspaper collection it is important to record the publishers name, the date of each publication
and the OCRd text for each page.

For those with database knowledge, the types of attribute that can be set up include text, free text, number, date, boolean and list fields. Each attribute has it’s own title/label and description which means you can define a full data-dictionary for your database. You can also define
whether the attribute should be mandatory or not and if it should contain a default value which will speed up your data entry.


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