We have developed functionality which allows you to easily tag individuals within your images (similar to Facebook tagging). However, we have taken this a step further by introducing a relatively unique feature called ‘Entities’.

An Entity in pastview might not necessarily be a person. Instead it might be an animal, a building, an artefact, or a car etc.

For the majority of us, we will want to tag ‘people’ within our photographs. But what if you owned a zoo? In this case the most important entities within your collection might be your monkeys, penguins, tigers, panda’s etc. Therefore, you will want to tag ‘animals’
within your photographs. Similarly if your collection of images predominantly features towns, villages and landscapes, then you can define an Entity of type ‘building’ and then tag Windmills, Houses, Factories or Castles within your images.

Each Entity will have it’s own attribute set (set of associated metadata). So a person might have an attribute set of forename, surname, date of birth and occupation; whereas an animal might have a species name, pet name, size and colour. Defining Entities in this way allows you to
search across your digital archive by Entity and Attribute. So you can easily find all images where a certain person is tagged, or all images which show people of a certain occupation, or all images which show a certain type of dog. The possibilities are endless!


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