PastView brings East Dunbartonshire’s photographic collection to a worldwide audience

Posted on September 10th, 2014 by Ryan Kyle

TownsWeb Archiving’s unique PastView digital archive management system has allowed East Dunbartonshire Leisure and Culture Trust to share it’s rich collection of historic photographs of East Dunbartonshire online for the public. The photographic library includes images of East Dunbartonshire’s popular locations, people and buildings, dating as early as 1780.

Starting the digitisation project

Janice Miller, Information and Archives Officer at East Dunbartonshire Leisure & Culture Trust (EDLCT), approached TownsWeb Archiving when she needed to make EDLCT’s heritage photo library more accessible, by digitising the collection and showcasing it on a dedicated archive website. Following a consultation regarding the project with TownsWeb’s Managing Director, Paul Sugden, Janice was happy to partner with TownsWeb for the project.

TownsWeb digitisation staff scanned over 5000 original photographs from the library to high resolution digital format, whilst our web development team liaised with Janice to create a bespoke website design that catered exactly to EDLCT’S needs.

PastView installation

Next a customised installation of PastView was created to enable Janice’s team to search and maintain the newly digitised photographic library, and to manage the newly built EDLC Images website.

Development staff at TownsWeb imported all of the digitised images into the EDLCT PastView installation, as well as importing all of the associated metadata and creating the categories that Janice wanted the images to be browse-able under on the site. The staff also added an EDLCT watermark to protect the copyright of the images once they became live online, using PastView’s watermarking functionality.

What’s more, utilising PastView’s e-commerce functionality, EDLCT’s archive website was configured to allow site visitors to order photographic prints of images from the archive online. This feature enabled EDLCT to generate revenue from their collection, whilst TownsWeb Archiving fulfilled the orders and despatched them to customers.

PastView training and launch

Once the PastView system was configured and linked to the finished EDLCT Photo Library website, Janice and her colleagues were given access to a test version online. This allowed them to work through the system and request any minor final adjustments, before signing it off.

Paul Sugden then provided a full day of on-site training on the PastView system at EDLCT’s premises to ensure that all their staff were completely confident in maintaining the system.


After importing additional content and planning promotional coverage for the new online photographic archive, EDLCT eventually took the EDLCT Images website live in May 2013.

Speaking about the EDLCT project Paul Sugden, Managing Director of TownsWeb Archiving said “I believe PastView is the most advanced and flexible digital archive management system available at the moment.”

“In the case of EDLCT, we were able to configure the system to catalogue and display their photographic archive exactly as they wanted it. The system is so intuitive and easy to use, however, that when they do need to reorganise their collections or edit their website content their staff are able to do so at the touch of a button.”

To find out more about PastView’s features click here. You can also give us a call on 01536 713834 or email

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