We believe that pastview is the most advanced, easy to use, and elegant image and content management system on the market.

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In a nutshell, pastview allows you to set up your archive catalogue using multiple levels of categories and collections. You can upload your digital image files and place them in to any number of these collections. With advanced database management features, you are able to define any number of fields and group them together into distinct sets of data and assign them to your digital files. For example, you may decide that every file or image should contain a reference code, title and description. However, it may be important that your photographic collection also records the photographers name, the date of capture and the GPS location of the scene; whereas for your newspaper collection it might be more important to record the publishers name, the date of each publication and the OCR'd text for each page.
If you would like to display your pastview images and records on your website then the system provides superb content management features. With a touch of a button you can publish an entire collection of images to your website. Similarly you can hide entire collections or individual items from the website, perhaps whilst you and your volunteers are busy adding meta-data to the content or whilst you are seeking copyright clearance for a collection. Furthermore, we can secure your content by adding watermarks and/or reducing the pixel dimensions of publicly available images. The advanced content management system allows you to easily update the content of any page within your website, such as the About Us page, the Contact page etc. You can even add completely new pages to your website using a simple ‘Word Processing’ style interface.
Perhaps there are other organisations or departments (library, museum, archives, marketing etc.) that would like to contribute content to your digital archive? No problem. pastview allows users with top level privileges to set up other users of the system and provide them with certain roles, privileges and permissions. Because the pastview system is a web-hosted solution that can be accessed from anywhere that has an internet connection, your users (staff, volunteers, researchers etc.) could access the system from work, home, on the train or on a sunny beach in Barbados (if they really want to that is!).
You may decide to offer free and open access to your collections to all visitors on your website. Additionally, you may decide to restrict access to specific content on the site to registered users only, via usernames and passwords. Alternatively you may be looking to generate revenue and, therefore, wish to allow access only on a ‘subscription’, ‘pay per view’, ‘pay per download’ or ‘pay per print’ basis. We can incorporate both ‘free of charge’ and ‘revenue generation’ models into your pastview system and website.
The system incorporates many other features too; such as the ability to optimise your web pages for the search engines and the ability to tag ‘people’ within pictures (like Facebook). Furthermore, our company offers additional services, like a print and despatch service to satisfy your print request orders, and also a very specialist digitisation and transcription service.


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